Loving Language

During International Languages Week at the end of Term 2, over one hundred Y9 and Y10 Language students created an international languages poster for the “WGHS International Languages Week- Poster competition”. OveJimin Ban 9ANE came first, and Sylvie Waddingham 9OLN and Sarah Daoud 9WHY came second equal.

“The main language that my family and I speak is English, but I started learning French in Intermediate because I thought it was a beautiful language, and I would love to go to France someday! These first two terms, I have been learning Japanese, and I have enjoyed introducing myself to other people and making posters about the culture of Japan”.  – Sylvie Waddingham 9OLN.

“I speak English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. I learnt English at an early age because I was moving to an English-speaking country. And I have always known Korean because both of my parents speak it. As I grew older, I started to understand the importance of learning new languages, so me and my parents soon came up with the decision to learn Chinese. It was interesting and new at the time. But as I joined Westlake Girls, I also picked Japanese alongside Chinese. I have always wanted to learn Japanese and adored Japanese culture. I really do think that learning and opening yourself to different languages and cultures is a very important step in building your future.” –  Jimin Ban 9ANE.

“I mostly speak English and Arabic in my family, but I also speak Chinese with my grandparents. I chose to learn Japanese because one day I would like to visit Japan. I found it similar to Chinese, which made the journey easier. I enjoyed introducing myself to the teacher in Japanese and my friend in class.” – Sarah Daoud 9WHY.