Lockdown Legends

Over past lockdowns, we have featured staff and students working and learning from home, with their top tips for making the most of the time. Well, here we go again! It’s only Day 3 but a few teachers have sent these in. You can also find them on Facebook over the next days/weeks.

Mrs Olga Pascan

You might have noticed the amazing dessert pictured above. That was made by Mrs Olga Pascan. Cooking is one of the things she enjoys during lockdown. Here’s what else she had to say.

I try hard to follow my routine so, I am actively engaged exchanging emails, communicating with students and colleagues, posting work and marking students’ work. That often carries on throughout the day – students email at random times and I, immediately email them back. That’s my office on the left.

I worry about my students during lockdown, but that worry motivates me to remain fully engaged and to go the extra mile in helping my students  achieve their best. Last year, regardless of the numerous disruptions, I had 20 endorsements in a class of 27 😊

I also, read, go for a walk, paint (by numbers) and I COOK… I have a team of 10 friends (6  high school teachers, 2 doctors, 1 pharmacist, 1 accountants) and we have started our competition last year during our first lock down.

We run the ‘online cooking competition’ – each of us, makes some special meal and present it in a very original way – take photo and share in our viber group. The meals and the photos are fit for the best, top culinary magazines !!!!

My top piece of advice for my class is: this is now the time to show what you are made of and to truly challenge yourself. Let this be thy test – what does not break you, make you stronger, as the famous lyrics go. Show that you are mature, capable, intelligent and brave young women who can face any and every problem with grace and fire. When life gives us lemon, we make lemonade.

I know my students will thrive (just like last year) because our Westlake  Girls know what they want and how to get there. They are mature young women who are born warriors and winners. They know that the only path in life is – PER ASPERA AD ASTRA

Mr Kheang Ov and Mrs Nicola Ov

Yes! We have a husband and wife team working at Westlake. They sent in this gorgeous photo of their children working hard on Day Two of the lockdown, with this caption:

“Our kids can do it! So can you! Just another school day…”

They certainly look engaged in their learning!

Ms Kirsten Allen

How you are structuring your day?
We’re only on Day 3 so things might change, but so far I’ve been getting up at a normal-ish time (7am) and either doing some yoga or taking Rosie for a walk. Then I try to work until lunchtime when we all watch the briefing as a family. After lunch we are getting out for a family walk or bike ride, then back home for a bit more work and then dinner time. Evenings are for family TV shows – at the moment we are watching Turner and Hooch!

What are the top fun things you to do keep yourself motivated?
Yoga, walking, reading, baking, playing with Rosie, hanging out with my husband and children.

What’s your top piece of advice for your classes?
Don’t think too far ahead – just focus on what you can get done today.

Why you think Westlake students will thrive during lockdown?
Because of strong connections and relationships with family, friends and teachers.

Ms Carol Wright

This is what happens when you are trying to stay away from stressed teenagers doing online school so that you can get speech marking done … sailing training gear becomes a makeshift work station!

Year 12 speeches here I come!

Mrs Linda Clouston

Mrs Clouston heads our counselling team. She sent in this photo of her two amazing lockdown companions! These dogs are German Shepherd father and son called Buck and Max.

What pets are you sharing lockdown with? Are they enjoying having you home, or are they a bit confused!