Lockdown Legends

Here are our latest batch of Westlake Legends rocking Lockdown.

Ms Emily Tsang

For just over a year, my sister and I have had a little foodie project on Insta called Basil and Lime. I do most of the food making and recipe writing and when she’s not at work as an essential worker, she does most of our photography and comms.

During lockdown, I’ve really loved experimenting with new recipes and all the flavours and colours.

It’s a creative way to experience different cultures even when we can’t travel. Sharing food with your bubble is a special way to spend time together and improve your mental and physical health!



Kahlia Hawkins

Over the lockdown I’ve been working on writing and making music! Just recently I released a song on Spotify called Wildfire!

Having time to work on my music and my other passions has been a highlight over the lockdown.

Katie Pearson

We’re going pretty well in lockdown here, though I do have to try to balance teaching, Deaning, and looking after my two cheeky girls, as my husband is an essential worker! He works on the ‘Breakfast’ show at TVNZ, so they’re classed as essential, because everyone still needs the news – probably now more than ever, actually.

Luckily, my girls are very good at entertaining themselves (most of the time!), but I do always make sure to give them plenty of dedicated time each day. I know there will be so many families in a similar sort of situation, and we’re all just doing our best!

The Business Studies Team

Here’s the Business Studies team during one of their regular Monday Morning catch-ups.






Ms Devanshi Bhavsar















I did these because a) birds are cool and b) to bring awareness around the plight of our native species. Forest & Bird holds a Bird of the Year competition every year that I encourage all my students, friends, and family to participate in – it’s totally free and you get to learn some new things you may not have known.

The 2021 Bird of the Year competition will be coming around at the end of this year and it’s a great way to raise awareness around our native and threatened species! Forest & Bird need donations and media attention to continue the excellent mahi they are doing in trying to restore habitats and support breeding programmes that help protect the populations of species that make Aotearoa so unique. Here’s the website for  more info: https://www.birdoftheyear.org.nz/

Ms Tara Lemmon

 My Year 11’s are currently working on an external report which is essentially about how ingredients can be treated in different ways to come up with a variety of food products.

To demonstrate this I made some meringues from Aquafaba (the water from a tin of chickpeas).   They are special as my daughter is allergic to egg – so she was super happy with the results!





And also from Ms Lemmon:

Olivia Stephenson, one of my Year 10 Food Tech students, sent me photos of the animal biscuits she made. They look super professional I think. Olivia said: “ I wanted to make them a bit more extravagant. So I made chocolate spheres which I stuck together with melted chocolate, plus ice cream inside.”