Korean Night

Westlake Korean Night is proudly one of the biggest K-culture events held in Auckland, with over 1,500 attendees filling the auditorium each year. With the aim of spreading Korean culture throughout our community, student-led performances are showcased on the night, featuring a diverse range of Haka, Doll Dance, Fan Dance, Mask Dance, Samulnori, Taekwondo, and Nanta, as well as modern performances, including band, K-POP dance, singing, and rap.

We started with the Haka, followed by our Junior Doll Dance, a traditional couple dance. A sequence of exciting performances followed, engaging the audience throughout the night. The charismatic Taekwondo performance left a strong impression, while Samulnori, a Westlake exclusive performance, captivated everyone with their precise beats on the Jang-gu and Buk. Nanta’s enhanced performance quality each year continues to impress. Our all-girls group, Fan Dance, ‘Buchae Choom’ in Korean, presented their beautiful Korean Traditional Outfits ‘Hanbok’. The Mask Dance filled the night with energy and power, always popular among students, alongside our modern performances that kept everyone loud and cheering. The Finale Band ended the night with all the audience singing along to the Korean lyrics.

This year, we donated $2024 to Korean communities based in Auckland, an amount matching the year, distributed to Red Cross, Auckland City Mission, and other charities seeking donations. In appreciation of the support from our sponsors, mainly from the Korean Community, we have decided to give back. We would like to personally thank all teachers, prefects, and students who helped us on the night. Special thanks to the Westlake Boys’ main leader, Chris Koh, who has been consistently supportive and helpful, along with Ms. Kim and Mr. Kim from each school, who dedicated their time to ensure the event’s success. Thank you to all our performers and leaders who worked tirelessly to deliver such high-quality, stunning performances.

Lastly, great thanks to everyone who came and supported us on behalf of the 2024 Korean Night Committee. Continue to support and enjoy Westlake Korean Night, and if you missed out this year, check out our full performances uploaded on our Westlake Korean Night YouTube channel!


By 2024 Korean Night Main Leader, Katie Kim