Ko Wai Au – Digging deeper into Westlake’s rich cultural diversity

By Ivy Mitchell
Head Prefect

“Ko Wai Au – Who am I?”  is an initiative to celebrate Westlake Girls’ cultural and religious diversity through a series of six weekly videos. Being a student-led project, it aims to further educate other students about the multiculturalism within our school, in particular cultural and religious dress and symbols.

Each episode has a new focus, with students explaining the significance behind their cultural item such as the hijab or the pounamu. The series will be shared to Form Classes to get everyone engaged in the project.

We hope that through education, everyone in our school gains a deeper understanding and respect for others within our school community. We hope everyone finds the video series informative but also interesting and inspiring.

The photo above is Ivy Mitchell and the photo at the top of the page is Year 12 student Lina Amer – both were presenting in the first video, released this week.