Ki o Rahi tournament adds stunning dimension to Matariki experience

During the celebration of Matariki, the Year 12 PE cohort had the opportunity to gain credits by participating in a Ki o Rahi tournament. Grades were determined based on the level of skill and strategy used.

Despite there being an extremely cold morning with some ice on the turf, the students played really well and had a great time! As is customary, the tournament was started with a Karakia led by Kathleen Beckett. Students then played multiple games across the 1 ½ hours we were out there.

Ki o Rahi – a traditional Māori sport, is based on the Purakau (legend) of Rahitutakahina and the rescue of his wife Tiarakurapakewai. The tākaro is a reflection of Tupuna storytelling at its best, as well as provides an insight into the way in which they would explain and design Tākaro to reflect their unique “world view”. The Papa Tākaro (field) layout of Ki o Rahi and the way the Tākaro is played is a perfect example of this.