Junior Maths Competition

The University of Otago runs the Junior Mathematics Competition, and this year marks 38 years since it began. The competition takes place in two parts. Part One is an online multiple-choice and short-answer exam. Part Two is a written exam limited to the top 15 per cent of participants from Part One. The emphasis is on problem-solving, and mathematical skills are essential, naturally, but so is careful reading!


Westlake Girls High School has been participating in this nationwide competition since 2011. This year, we had a record number of students participating (67). About 40% of the participants reached Part Two, gaining 8 Distinction awards and 18 Merit awards.


This excellent result is thanks to the preparation done by the students. The senior leaders in the Maths Competition Club led weekly lunchtime sessions to work with the juniors, reviewing past questions, sharing tips and building connections through problem-solving and logical thinking. This great achievement resulted from a collective effort by our keen mathematicians. Well done, everyone!


– TIC of Mathematics Competitions, Ms Sun Mee Kim






Students with Distinction Awards

Chloe Yang 9OBR

Emma Read 9HVN

Ria Ahn 9OBR

Kaylie Chen 9OLN

Cindy Tang 10WWR

Jessica Ding 10 HSM

Tian Zhou 10OGH

Elaine Zhou 11AED


Students with Merit Awards

Kristin Kim 9OBR

Aisling Dooley 9WRN

Ovee Dimble 9OBR

Quinn Dong 9PVD

Sacha Masters 9ANE

Kavin Vignesh 9OBR

Cindy Jiang 9 PVD

Saki Tomimoto 9WRN

Charlotte Smith 9WRN

Helen Shan 10AST

Gabeen Sim 10AMK

Meera Mistry 10HSG

Kanza Lalani 10HSG

Hannah Smith 10 WWR

Joanna Jacob 10HSG

Ella Kirkpatrick 11WDO.