International Language Week

From 12-16 June, Westlake Girls celebrated International Language week. This provides an opportunity to showcase, learn and promote diverse languages and cultures in our school. Learning an international language encompasses much more than language proficiency, they learn about the culture too, which is the foundation of that language. The multiculturalism of the school was celebrated with movie days at lunch time, photo booths, traditional dress of different cultures, poster competitions, quizzes and sharing music and food.

I believe that the events were truly a great way to both celebrate the diversity of languages taught in our kura, and also to learn more about each culture, while of course, having fun with your peers. – Language ambassodar: 10PFH Nicole Lao 

Thank you so much for a fantastic language week last week; it was a success! It was great seeing everyone at the movies and the photo booth. Thank you to all the language teachers and ambassadors for helping and making this all happen! I enjoyed organising these events and participating in the exciting activities. I look forward to seeing everyone at our next events!  Language ambassodar: 10HSG Sherly Liang 

Last week, we celebrated Language Week, and the Language Ambassadors and teachers promoted the celebration of different languages at Westlake Girls. We had a large turnout for our photo booth, where students could come to dress up in cultural clothes and take photos. The Language Ambassadors also made a video compiled of different students speaking foreign languages which was shown in our assemblies. It was really cool to see the many languages that are spoken in our school. – Language ambassador: 10 HSG Joanna Jacob

Language Week was an incredibly insightful way to see the diversity apparent at WGHS. By setting up this event, students were able to have fun while also appreciating other cultures and languages which hold an essential role in our community. – Language ambassador: 10PRS Jessica Lee

Through the Language Week events we held, I was able to actually experience and see the variety of languages and cultures we have in Westlake Girls’ High. Filming and editing the promo video and casting on the assembly was quite nervous as well. I love how what we planned came out as a wonderful result! – 10AST Hailey Lee