Inspiring future STEM careers at Health and Science experience day

We took 18 students in Year 12 and 13 to Massey’s Auckland and Manawatū campuses for the annual Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Health Experience Day on 1 June.

This was to inspire students to consider careers in Health and STEM subjects which has been identified as an important commitment towards helping solve future problems for New Zealand and the world. The answers to future problems come from exploring topics such as climate change, food production security, house for new cities, preparing for natural disasters, caring for our planet and it’s animals, cybersecurity management, developing new technologies and sustainable nursing.

After being formally welcomed onto each campus with a mihi, the students got to attend two interactive workshops in the subjects of their choosing. The sessions included Engineering, Computer Science, Speech and Language Therapy, Zoology, Construction, Nursing, Food Technology, Psychology and Biology and Genetics.









The STEM and Health Day at Massey University presented us with various workshops, ranging from the complexities of Psychology to the world of Zoology.

With pipettes in hand, we carefully extracted DNA strands from our own cheek cells, marvelling at the intricate molecular structure. After that, we dove into the world of coding, as we challenged ourselves to write simple programs to produce an interactive game. The day left us feeling refreshed, as we not only gained a deeper understanding of the building blocks of life but also honed our problem-solving skills through coding, nurturing both our scientific curiosity and our physical well-being. Angeline Lulu, Year 13 and ex-STEAM student