Inspirational Journey with Learning Languages

This International Language Week, we were thrilled to welcome former student Airam Magpantay back!

Airam, a Wairau Prefect in 2019 and recipient of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asian Studies in 2023, shared her inspirational journey in language learning. At WGHS, she studied Chinese and Japanese for five years and pursued Korean outside the classroom. Her passion for languages, which was ignited in high school, has continued into university, leading her to study abroad.

Airam emphasised that learning a language is more than just mastering it – it’s a gateway to appreciating different cultures, understanding diverse perspectives, and connecting with people on a deeper level.

Thank you, Airam, for inspiring us with your story!

Main image: Airam Magpantay (L) with Head of Languages, Carrie Song.