Important Things to Note – 3 September 2021

How to contact our Counsellors and Deans

The best way to reach our counsellors during lockdown is to text them to make an appointment for a phone conversation. Here are their details:

Mrs Linda Clouston          027 381 8379
Mrs Fleur Piper                 027 380 4578
Mrs Barbara Mackay      021 0254 7431

Will Anderton: [email protected]
Katie Pearson: [email protected]

Louise Clouston: [email protected]
Lucy Robinson: [email protected]

Maggie Cogger-Orr: [email protected]
Kate Lawrence: [email protected]

Nicola Ov: [email protected]
Rachel Carson: [email protected] 

Ella Wilson: [email protected]
Ashley Longstaff: [email protected] 

NCEA Exams

NCEA exams have been postponed by two weeks. They will now begin on Monday 22 November and finish on Tuesday 14 December. This will allow two more weeks of classroom/teaching time. Due dates for portfolio submissions will also be pushed back by two weeks.

The NCEA Level 1 Mathematics Common Assessment Task (MCAT) has also been delayed for two weeks – to 28 or 30 September. At this stage, the dates for DigiCATs remain 20 Sept – 1 October and 18 – 27 October.

The postponement of exams will mean a later finishing date for our Senior students, and we will have more information on that nearer the time.


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Anticipated Term 4 Key Dates (subject to change)

Monday 18 October: Term 4 begins
Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 October: Senior Subject Counselling
Monday 25 October: Labour Day (school closed)
Wednesday 27 October: Dance Showcase
Thursday 28 October: Sports Awards Evening NB: May be moved to 4 November – TBC
Friday 29 – Saturday 30 October: Ahurea Festival
Tuesday 2 November: Music Dinner and Awards Evening
Thursday 11 November: Senior Academic Prize-Giving (evening)
Thursday 11 November: Senior Reports issued
Friday 12 November: Special Awards Ceremony (morning)
Monday 15 November: Junior School study day
Tuesday 16 – Friday 19 November: Junior Exams
Monday 22 November: NCEA Exams begin
Monday 13 December: Year 10 Stage Spectacular
Tuesday 14 December: NCEA Exams conclude
Tuesday 14 December: Junior Reports issued
Tuesday 14 December: Junior Prize-Giving
Tuesday 14 December: Last day of Term for Junior school