Important Things to Note – 19 August 2022

Teacher-only Day

Monday 22 August is a Teacher-only Day at Westlake Girls High School. If your daughter is aged under 14 with no parents or older siblings at home during the day, please email [email protected] and we’ll arrange onsite supervision.

Senior Exam Timetable

Our Senior School Exams are being held from Monday 12 September to Friday 23 September. Students are expected to be onsite for their exam, and can use their remaining time to study at school or home. Our Junior School classes will run as per normal.

You can check out the Senior School Exam Timetable HERE

2022 Board of Trustee Elections

Families of students at Westlake Girls will have received their voting papers by email on Wednesday 10 August for the 2022 Board of Trustee Elections. We have 15 candidates for the five places available on our Board. Please have a read through the Candidate Statements on our website HERE and make sure that you vote before 4pm on Wednesday 7 September. Thank you for your support of our school – your vote means a lot.

Westlake’s Inaugural Father Daughter Breakfast

We are excited to announce we are holding Westlake’s first-ever Father Daughter Breakfast on Wednesday 28 September from 7am to 8.15am. It will be in our Event Centre, and we are busy lining up a fantastic speaker and scrummy menu – more details later.

Students from all year levels are welcome to bring their dad, step-dad, grandad, uncle – or any other significant male in their lives. Tickets are $30 each and you or your daughter can sign up on our “Expressions of Interest” Form HERE. Once the list is full, we’ll send payment details.

Changes to NCEA and UE for 2022

We have received notification from NZQA that there have been changes made to NCEA and UE for 2022. These have been put in place because of Covid disruptions in Terms 1 and 2.

The changes are outlined below:

Learning Recognition Credits (LRC) will be available to help students attain their Level 1, 2 or 3 NCEA, and the number of Credits needed for a Certificate Endorsement have been reduced for this year.

Level 1 NCEA
For every 5 Credits gained at L1 this year, NZQA will add 1 Learning Recognition Credit up to a maximum of 10 LRC. They will be put on in January 2023.

Level 2 and Level 3 NCEA
For every 5 Credits gained at L2 or L3, NZQA will add 1 Learning Recognition Credit up to a maximum of 8 LRC. They will be put on in January 2023.

These LRC are not Achieved, Merit or Excellence Credits so cannot be used for NCEA Certificate Endorsements or NCEA Subject Endorsements.

The requirement to get a Level 1, 2 or 3 NCEA Certificate Endorsement has been reduced this year from 50 E Credits for an Excellence Certificate Endorsement down to 46 E Credits. To get a Merit Certificate Endorsement, students only need 46 M or E Credits (instead of the usual 50 M or E Credits).

There are no changes to the Credits needed to gain a Subject Endorsement.

There may also be some changes to deadlines for Technology and DVCT projects/folios. No information came on these date changes at this point so students should check with their subject teacher. There is no change to the Visual Arts portfolio due dates.

For Y13, there has been a change to one aspect of gaining University Entrance (UE). Students previously needed 14 Credits in 3 Approved UE subjects. This year, they need 14 Credits in two UE-approved subjects and only 12 Credits in the third UE-approved subject.

Term 3 Key Dates
Monday 22 August Teacher-only Day
Tuesday 23 August Pasifika Fono Evening
Thursday 25 August Media Studies Oscar Night
Monday 12 – Friday 23 September Senior School Exams
Monday 19 August – Friday 2 September Winter Tournament Week
Wednesday 28 September Father Daughter Breakfast
Wednesday 28 September Pasifika Showcase
Friday 30 September End of Term 3
Term 4 Key Dates
Monday 17 October Start of Term 4
Thursday 20 October Sports Awards
Monday 24 October Labour Day (school closed)
Tuesday 25 October Music Awards
Wednesday 2 November Special Awards Ceremony (day)
Wednesday 2 November Senior Academic Prize-Giving (evening)
Monday 7 November NCEA exams begin
Friday 2 December NCEA exams finish. End of school for Years 11-13
Friday 9 December End of Term for Years 9 and 10