Important Things to Note – 1 October 2021

Extra NCEA credits

Year 11-13 students in Auckland will receive bonus NCEA credits this year, after spending weeks longer away from the classroom than their peers around the country due to Covid-19 lockdowns. Education Minister Chris Hipkins made the announcement last week. Details are:

  • Auckland students will be entitled to one Learning Recognition Credit (LRC) for every four credits they achieve through assessment in the 2021 school year, rather than one LRC for every five
  • Auckland students will be eligible for up to 16 LRCs at NCEA Level 1, and 12 LRCs at Levels 2 and 3.
  • The threshold for Auckland students to be awarded a Certificate Endorsement will be 44 credits at Merit or Excellence level, rather than the usual 50.

The changes to Course Endorsements and University Entrance announced on 2 September will continue to apply. This means:

  • Auckland students will require 12 credits at Achieved, Merit or Excellence level to receive Course Endorsements, rather than 14.
  • To be awarded University Entrance, students in Auckland will need to achieve 12 – instead of 14 – credits in each of 3 University Entrance Approved Subjects, as well as attaining NCEA Level 3 and meeting the usual literacy and numeracy requirements.

Emails to parents and students

Don’t forget that all of the emails we send to parents and students during lockdown are available on our website, if you need to refer back to them. You can find them HERE.

Anticipated Term 4 Key Dates (subject to change)

Monday 18 October: Term 4 begins
Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 October: Senior Subject Counselling
Monday 25 October: Labour Day (school closed)
Wednesday 27 October: Dance Showcase
Tuesday 2 November: Music Dinner and Awards Evening
Thursday 4 November: Sports Awards Evening
Thursday 11 November: Senior Academic Prize-Giving (evening); Senior Reports issued
Friday 12 November: Special Awards Ceremony (morning); Year 13 Leavers Function (afternoon/evening)
Monday 15 November: Junior School Study Day; Year 8 Orientation Day
Tuesday 16 – Friday 19 November: Junior Exams
Monday 22 November: NCEA Exams begin
Monday 13 December: Year 10 Stage Spectacular
Tuesday 14 December: NCEA Exams conclude; Junior Reports issued; Junior Prize-Giving; Last day of Term for Junior school