Houses announce their fundraising totals

Despite it being a very disruptive year, our House Service Prefects and their teams have done an outstanding job raising money for their House charities.

Each House normally organises three fundraisers per year, along with proceeds from mufti days. This year only two fundraisers were able to be held, making the totals below even more significant. Well done to Service Prefects Jacqueline Ramos (Akoranga), Hannah Jones (Hauraki),Kavya Mohanan Nair (Onewa), Parmida Raeis-Hosseini (Pupuke) and Tasmyn Kim (Wairau).

Akoranga – Foster Hope New Zealand: $1,676
Hauraki – Blind Low Vision New Zealand: $2,750
Onewa – Auckland Women’s Refuge: $1,729
Pupuke – KidsCan: $1,800
Wairau – Changing Minds: $1,915

Pictured: Hannah Jones with staff from Blind Low Vision New Zealand.