2022 Prefects announced

Ivy Mitchell and Ella Dorward have been announced as Westlake’s 2022 Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect respectively.

They are part of a group of 96 Prefects and Tuakana (students who help our Year 9s settle into school), and includes three International Prefects. Each of our five Houses has a House, Academic, Arts, Environmental, Sports & Wellbeing, Service, and Cultural Prefects, as well as a Tuakana Coordinator leading a team of Tuakana.

Our House Captains for 2022 are:

Akoranga: Ella Borrie
Hauraki: Tallulah Salmon
Onewa: Holly Williams
Pupuke: Lucy Jobbins
Wairau: Aimee Euston-Stewart







Above from left: Ella Borrie, Tallulah Salmon, Holly Williams. Below left: Lucy Jobbins, Aimee Euston-Stewart.







Ivy and Ella found out in mid-November that they had been chosen as next year’s Head and Deputy Head Prefect.

“Receiving the call from our principal Mrs Stanley, was an amazing surprise,” says Ivy. “Initially, I was so shocked I was lost for words – something that doesn’t happen very often being someone who loves to talk! [Ed’s note – Ivy was named runner-up Most Engaging Speaker at this year’s MUNA event]. When the news finally sunk in, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was thrilled to be able to share the news with my family and was especially over the moon to hear my good friend Ella received Deputy Head Prefect. What a cool way to end the year!”

A talented footballer, Ella was equally as excited. “I was actually out bike riding when the call came in, so I was a bit flustered and puffed but super excited once I heard it was Mrs Stanley.  I haven’t stopped smiling since receiving the call. I couldn’t really believe it. After hearing I was Deputy, I was super keen to find out who Head Prefect was. I was even more excited when I found out it was one of my best friends. I am really looking forward to working with Ivy in 2022.”

Ivy says the role of Head Prefect is a huge honour. “I am very proud to be a Westlake student, and always wear my blazer with pride. Being in the position to represent the school community has been a goal of mine since Year 9. Throughout my time at Westlake I have been spoilt with amazing teachers, opportunities and student leaders who have guided me throughout my high school journey. To have the opportunity to represent the school that has given so much to me, and to be able to pass on this Westlake warmth to future students is very humbling.”

Both students have been active during their time at Westlake – Ivy in the humanities, public speaking and several groups such as Amnesty International, MUNA, and the UNICEF Committee. Ella has a passion for sports and the outdoors (currently undertaking her Gold Duke of Ed), however she has also been Westlake’s Student Head Librarian, part of the Future Problem Solving team and Student Council.

Ella says her goal next year is to do “the best job possible” in representing the students of Westlake.

“This is a position that I have had in my sights since my junior years, so it is amazing to be writing this now knowing that my aspirations have become my reality. My focus will be to inspire other students to strive for excellence by taking the opportunities that arise for them. I want to be known as an approachable person that is genuine and leads by example.”

Ivy says her primary focus as Head Prefect will be as a mentor. “I want to empower students to step outside of their comfort zones and grab opportunities that define who they are. I hope to continue the legacy of the former Westlake Head Prefects, and continue to inspire the amazing students of Westlake.”

Both students have enjoyed their time at Westlake:

Ivy: The community at Westlake Girls’ is the reason behind my smile as I walk into school each day. From the senior leaders to the teachers, to the students, everyone has each other’s back, and it is a lovely environment to be a part of. Westlake Girls’ often talks of the ‘sisterhood’ but it is not until you go to Westlake that you truly experience what it feels like. Having the support and love from over 2,200 students and staff will definitely put a smile on your face if you were to walk into the Westlake community. 

Ella: I love how Westlake provides every student with so many amazing opportunities to try new things and excel at their strengths. There truly is something for everyone at Westlake and I think that is so great! I have loved seeing my peers discover where their passions and skills lie as they figure out what their life after Westlake might look like. Through the opportunities that I have been able to take at Westlake, I have loved being able to meet so many nice people and reconnect over the years with many friends I hadn’t seen since primary school.

All the best for a very successful year!