Girls Need Trusted Adults – new podcast well worth listening to!

In a day and age when social media seems to be the go-to resource for advice, we know in our hearts that girls of every age need at least one trusted adult in whom they can confide, an adult in addition to their parents who can offer an unbiased listening ear or unhurried wise counsel in a problem-solving moment. Yet, as unbelievable as this sounds, research shows that only 40% of students say they can name a trusted adult outside their home. Just what does it take to show up as a “trusted adult” in a girl’s life, and what difference might it make to a girl if we did so? And do our daughters know how to ensure they have a trusted adult at the ready when they most need one?

Listen in as hosted Trudy Hall spends time with Brooklyn Raney, the author of ‘One Trusted Adult: How to Build Strong Connections and Healthy Boundaries with Young People’.