Flag-bearers for Indian culture

Sisters Rashi Jain (Class of 2022) and Avishi Jain (10 ASZ) have recently achieved the Culture Award for being amongst the youngest flag-bearers of promoting and attaining vital milestones in music and performing arts at the Indian Newslink’s 10th Annual Sports, Community, Arts and Culture Awards 2024.

Rashi and Avishi have been working hard to balance their studies and passion for excellence in music. They rehearse intensively before any performance as they believe in always giving their best. The girls’ dedication has earned them accolades in the past, such as procuring the consecutive title of Radio Tarana Idol 2023 and 2024, and now getting this award from Rt Hon Chris Hipkins MP, which was an absolute honour. They were nominated for promoting culture through music and dance across Auckland.

Out of around 900 nominations across sports, community, arts, and culture categories, only 80 winners were selected including Rashi and Avishi.

Congratulations to you both, what an amazing effort!