Exam Support needed!

One of the great things about being part of a diverse school community, is the pleasure we have in knowing and working with a wide range of students.

Our Learning Enhancement Team has over 200 Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) students with whom we work closely, to ensure they have the best possible opportunity to succeed in their studies. This involves things like providing readers and writers, separate accommodation for exams and internal assessments, and allowing extra time if needed.

We are a dedicated team, with the support and success of our students our top priority. However, we are also a small team relying on the assistance of teachers and support staff to be able to meet demand.

Currently we have a need for more readers and writers, and we’re reaching out to our parent community for volunteers. You don’t need any special qualification, or to know anything about the subject – it’s just a matter of reading out questions to students, who will write their answers down or, alternatively, writing the answers for the students.

It would require a time commitment of 1 to 1 ½ hours and you could volunteer weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on an ad hoc basis (we appreciate anything you can give!). There is parking onsite, and we will provide training – but all you really need is a heart for young people and seeing them succeed. It’s a lovely way to meet people and play a key role in the support and academic achievement of our students.

We are also looking for help with our practice exams from Monday 4th September – Friday 15th September and for our end of year exams from Monday 6th November – 30th November.  We will pay for support with these exams.

If you have time to give, we’d love to hear from you. Please email our SAC Co-ordinator Helena Haycock on [email protected], and she would be delighted to talk it through with you.

The Learning Enhancement Team