Emily named as development player in National Youth Band

Talented trumpeter Emily Sullivan (Year 10) has been selected as a ‘development player’ for the National Youth Band of New Zealand.

This is an under 25 representative band and if COVID allows she will be attending the initial camp and start of their lower North Island concert tour in January.

A number of the players in this band are either professional musicians with the likes of the NZ Army Band or studying for a career in music either at Auckland or Victoria universities so this will be a wonderful learning opportunity for Emily.

Emily also won the 2021 APO Young Trumpeter Competition for 2021. Her prize is to perform with the APO Trumpet Section at either their Christmas Concert this year (if it goes ahead) or at one of their family-friendly concerts next year.

Emily is already a member of the 2021 National Secondary Schools Band which was scheduled to meet in October. This was postponed due to COVID and will be held in April 2022 instead.