Cross Country fun earns House points

Westlake held its Cross Country event during Periods 3, 4 and 5 on Thursday 5 May. This event was a House event, with House points allocated to all participants, and additional points allocated to the top place-getters.

The event was compulsory for Year 9s and voluntary for other year levels. While there was some serious competition, there was also a fair amount of fun and frivolity – especially amongst the Year 9s!

Thankfully the weather played its part, and a great time was had by all.

Results were:

Junior Girls

1st=: Charley March (Akoranga) & Jasmine Jelas (Wairau)
3rd: Talia Hosking (Onewa)
4th=: Charlotte Mawston (Akoranga) & Ava Lewis (Onewa)
6th: Cayleigh Blackburn (Pupuke)
7th: Cadence Lowe (Wairau)
8th: Kiara Ruka (Hauraki)
9th: Bailey Cardy (Pupuke)
10th: Laura McKenzie (Hauraki)

Intermediate Girls

1st: Kate Borton (Wairau) – Overall Cross Country Champion
2nd: Zoe Turner (Akoranga)
3rd: Grayce Brothers (Onewa)

Senior Girls

1st: Kalei Morgan-Tafea (Wairau)
2nd: Kayleigh Williamson (Wairau)
3rd: Michelle Farrell (Pupuke)