Costumes and visuals take out awards at ShowQuest

Our amazing troupe of dancers recently competed at ShowQuest, with great success!

After months of hard work and dedication, the Westlake performers won Best Costume and Enhancement, along with Best Use of a Video Wall. The group was also nominated for the ZM School’s Choice Award, and won ZM’s scavenger hunt – securing $150 worth of pizza!

Under the direction of Renae Dodds, the troupe’s performance was based on the changing face of femininity. Here’s the synopisis:

“Over the decades, the world’s attitude towards females has changed. Today, women are still fighting for respect, rights and opportunities. This performance showcases three storylines. The first is inspired by the Me Too movement, which raises awareness about sexual assault and helps survivors speak out. The second showcases the contrast between the old and new definitions of female success, straying from being a housewife to having a career. The final storyline is about embracing femininity despite living in a society that scrutinises women. We hope to encourage all women to embrace their voices and take on the world.”

Congratulations to all performers!