Coming back is nerve-wracking – we understand!

Most of us are experiencing a myriad of different emotions about returning to school – excited, nervous, anxious and anything in between.  Returning to school presents us with a transition period, a time where things are the same but different for everyone – parents/caregivers, students and teachers.  And that sometimes means we feel like we are riding a huge wave of different emotions.

At this time, it is a really good idea to find someone to talk to about this and make time in your life for this.  Talking with friends, family, sports coaches, favourite teachers or the school counsellors.  For parents/caregivers this is an opportunity for you to normalise what your children are experiencing and a time where you can validate all of their emotions.

Be kind to yourself, with time these emotions will decrease, settle and pass, you may even experience some new emotions you have never felt before, that’s ok too.  Once the emotions feel more manageable, problem solving and looking at choices in how to manage a situation can begin. Learning strategies to help with certain circumstances or times can also be really helpful and they can help you cope with the changes.  Ask your teachers or counsellors to help you with some these.

With time you will return to the rhythm and routine that you used to have by going to school. The places, people, and activities will become familiar again.  Just give yourself time to remember the familiar and get used to new processes like mask wearing, hand washing and sanitising.

Please remember that all the staff and teachers have put a huge amount of thought, planning and consideration into ensuring that our school and our students are safe.  They have prioritised your wellbeing and are there for you.

If you would like any additional support, please feel free to book a time to speak with any of the counsellors.  You can do this by using the school app; email; phone or text; visit us in the dean’s area when at school and fill in a form; or use google meet.  The following is the list of counsellors available:

Mrs Linda Clouston – [email protected]

Mrs Fleur Piper – [email protected]

Mrs Barbara Mackay – [email protected]

Mrs Trish Mancer – [email protected]

Abridged from an article by Dr Kirsty Scott, Massey University