Come join the fun of Theatresports!

On Tuesday 10 August, the WGHS competitive Theatresports team travelled to Rangitoto College to compete in a player night with three other schools.

A player night consists of three rounds. The first round is the blind round, where a team pulls a game out of a hat and has to improvise a story, following the rules of that game, based on a prompt given by the audience. The other two rounds follow the same premise but are chosen by the teams beforehand. Our team came third with just a 1-point difference and overall the teams were quite evenly matched. We had a ton of fun!

Theatresports helps performers grow in confidence and improvising skill, as well as improving their creativity and their humour. Westlake holds social theatresports sessions every Wednesday lunch in H1 which is a great no-stakes place to grow your confidence in performing. Competitive sessions are every other Monday after school.