Chinese Club celebrates NZ Chinese Language Week

by Carrie Song

A range of activities, organised by Chinese Club leaders definitely brought a lot of fun to the last week of Term 3, in celebration of New Zealand Chinese Language Week. Students participated in the activities posted on Instagram page (wghs_chinseclub) enthusiastically, including dumpling making, paper cuttings, kahoot game, to name a few.

There was an easy to follow instruction video on Dumpling Making provided by Moe Tun, which you definitely need to give a try. The recipe is so good! So said Julia, Samantha, Scarlett and Ms Song.

Lucy Jobbins (Year 12), was invited to film the New Zealand Chinese Language Week Opening  video ( produced by Confucius Institute, which featured many excellent students nationwide showcasing their Chinese. Lucy has also provided a spotify playlist of some of her favourite Chinese songs. 

For movie and drama lovers, you would definitely enjoy the list provided by Kanna Sakamoto. 

Are you interested in folk arts? Julia Wilkins has provided a tutorial video on Window Flower-Paper Cut:

On top of that, there were Movie Night , Kahoot Game (by Emily Chong), Daily quizzes (from Lucy Jobbins) and Daily Phrase Challenge (by Sybil Carba, etc). 

All members’ commitment and devotion are to be commended. They have done such a fantastic job. Special thanks to Lucy Jobbins, Moe Tun, Julia Wilkins, Nicole Mak, Kanna Sakamoto, Sybil Carba, and Emily Chong. 



Chinese Club in 2021 has been led by a group of wonderful students across year levels, which aims to bring students together for a lunchtime of food, games, arts and crafts, for example, bracelet making, calligraphy, movies, martial arts, and many other activities its members would like to explore. There are no prerequisites to membership. All WGHS students are welcomed to attend.