Celebrating International Women’s Day

Global engineering company Norman Disney & Young, organised a special event in celebration of International Women’s Day 2023. They featured a hybrid panel discussion with women panellists from across Australia and New Zealand who were sharing their inspirational stories. Two of our former Westlake students (Larissa Ramos & Samara Kattan) who are studying Engineering, are doing an internship at NDY, and are loving it.

Barbara Scholten, our Student Business Liaison, took two Westlake students, Zara Shreyoshi ( year 13) and Nour Kalache (year 12), who are interested in becoming engineers.

Nour Kalache said “Going to NDY was a wonderful experience and I’d love to go again. All the staff members and guests were incredibly kind and great to talk to, and hearing their advice and assurances about engineering was an informative and even reassuring experience, especially when I was promised that high school physics wasn’t as big a problem past high school as I thought it would be. The presentation itself was very informative and it was inspiring to see so many women succeeding in the field I want to work towards. I was nervous beforehand and thought it would be harder talking to a group of strangers, but all the people there were comfortable to talk to and inspired me to continue building on my skills and knowledge to get into the engineering field.”