Celebrating International Language Week

Overwhelming Participation and Cultural Celebration

This year’s International Language Week (ILW) was a resounding success, marked by overwhelming participation and a vibrant display of cultural diversity. The event saw over 550 junior and senior students engaging in various activities that celebrated languages and cultures in the community. 

Record Participation in Duolingo Classes

The enthusiasm for language learning was palpable, with Duolingo classes experiencing such high demand that they were completely full at one point. Among the dedicated participants was Fatima, who spent around 14 hours learning nine different languages, including Latin, Dutch, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and French. Her commitment was inspiring, and she shared her intention to continue her language journey with Dutch and Chinese.

International Phrase Day

One of the most remarkable moments of the week was when a student spoke in a language with no written form, showcasing the rich oral traditions within our community. This unique contribution highlighted the diverse linguistic heritage that our students bring to the school.

Cultural Fashion Show

A highlight of the week was the cultural fashion show, where students proudly donned their traditional attire and walked the runway. The pride and joy on their faces were infectious, and it was heartwarming to see the variety of cultures represented. This event underscored the beauty of cultural diversity flourishing within our community.

Dedication of the Language Ambassador Team

The success of ILW was only possible with the tireless efforts of the language ambassador team and the language department. They spent seven weeks meticulously organising the activities and even sacrificed their lunchtime to ensure everyone had a memorable experience. 

Inspiring Guest Speaker

We were also honoured to have Airam Magpantay, ex-prefect, share her language learning journey as a guest speaker. See the separate item about Airam in this issue of Te Reo o Te Roto for more.

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