Celebrating Filipino Heritage

Club Events Highlight History and Culture

This May, the Filipino Club has been abuzz with excitement, hosting two vibrant events that brought the spirit of the Philippines alive in school.

Philippines History Quiz Bee: A Battle of Wits

On Tuesday, 21 May, Room A26 witnessed a fierce intellectual showdown as 15 participants vied for the Philippines History Quiz Bee title. After a challenging elimination round, only five made it to the finals, showcasing their deep knowledge of Filipino history. The competition was intense, but three emerged victorious:

– 1st Place: Jeallein Mika Vallejo David (9HML)

– 2nd Place: Martha Madayag (12AWR)

– 3rd Place: Althea Tatel (10PCY)

Jeallein Mika Vallejo David clinched the top spot with her exceptional grasp of historical facts. She was followed closely by Martha Madayag and Althea Tatel, who demonstrated impressive knowledge and quick thinking.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for making this event a resounding success!

Larong Pinoy: Rekindling Childhood Joys

Earlier in the month, on Tuesday, 7 May, the Filipino Club members gathered to reconnect with their cultural roots through ‘Larong Pinoy’ – a celebration of traditional Filipino games. Members enthusiastically participated, channeling their inner Filipino child with games like Bring Me!, Nanay-Tatay, Jack-en-Poy, Piko, BINGO, and Pinoy Henyo. We filled the room with laughter, camaraderie, and the nostalgic joy of reliving childhood memories.

Both events highlighted the rich history and culture of the Philippines and strengthened the bonds among the Filipino Club members. Through the Philippines History Quiz Bee and Larong Pinoy, members celebrated their heritage with pride and enthusiasm, creating memories to be cherished for years to come.

Stay tuned for more exciting events as the Filipino Club continues celebrating and preserving Filipino culture!