Night of Glam brings choir together

When Cantare choir should have been enjoying their first night in Christchurch at The Big Sing, they got together via Zoom for a Quiz Night instead.

The glamorous dress-up affair featured Jono Howan as the humerous, tuxedo-wearing Quizmaster. However, the most impressive outfit went to the singer who wore her mum’s beautiful wedding dress!

Close to 50 people participated, including staff, broken into teams based on their sections -Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1 and Alto 2.

The quiz involved 8 categories, split over two nights – the second night was less formal, with PJs the required attire.

The Music Department staff, pictured left, started strong but didn’t come away with the win. That honour went to the Alto 1 team won both nights, making them ultimate winners.







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