Brain Bee Challenge 2023

The 17th annual NZ Brain Bee Challenge was held at the University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, where Year 11 students showcased their knowledge of the brain competing for the title of the Brain Bee Champion. This year 446 students from around the North Island competed in Round 1 of the Brain Bee Challenge, with 7 of our Westlake Girls students being ranked in the top 180 students, scoring over 70% in Round 1, and qualifying for Round 2.

The purpose of the visit is to inspire the students to be excited about their learning, wherever their passions lie. Students listened to talks from neuroscientists, participated in quizzes, learnt about brain imaging technologies, observed brain tissue down the microscope, and visited the anatomy museum. Manrui He was awarded an internship at the Centre for Brain Research, where she will be spending two immersive days working alongside neuroscientists during the school holidays.  It was a fun day for everyone involved and some passions for pursuing medical sciences were definitely sparked!

First picture (left to right): Manrui He, Helianth Nguyen, Dora Liu, Zoe Taylor, Simone Khajuria.