Board meeting Report August 2023

August’s Board meeting covered the following matters, along with the usual board business:

  • Progress on the Whare wānanga building project, which is due to go out to tender.
  • A presentation from Carrie George and Cherie Drummond, the amazing ladies leading the Whare wānanga fundraising committee, who shared their progress with regard to fundraising for dressing the inside of the Whare wānanga.
  • A comprehensive report on the library services and levels of use. How lucky WGHS is to have an engaging library space with a constant supply of new books providing for academic research, topical and special interest areas, and all types of fiction and non-fiction.
  • Final NCEA results for 2022
  • Mid-year Student Progress and Achievement Report for 2023. The importance of attending exams and obtaining literature requirements for University Entrance was noted, along with the strong relationship between low attendance and low academic attainment.
  • Status of enrolments for 2024 to date – a significant number of out-of-zone enrolments received; those unsuccessful in the ballot are to be waitlisted as places become available.
  • The Board approved the replacement of the football turf, together with LED floodlights, to be completed for the start of 2024.
  • The Board ratified the following policies and guidelines: #5.2 Child Protection Policy; Board Code of Conduct, and Meeting Protocols

Our board meetings are held in public, and all are welcome to attend. Please contact Board Secretary/Principal’s EA, Marie McKerrow if you would like to do so.

Carrie and Cherie would love to have more people join them in their efforts; please contact Matua Hudson or Marie McKerrow for more information.