ActivAsian Equip’d brings students together for fun and fellowship

By Kate Segetin
Lead Facilitator of Equip’d at WGHS

Harbour Sport in conjunction with Westlake Girls High School have been facilitating the ActivAsian Equip’d programme for the later part of 2021. The goals of the Equip’d programme are to promote positive cultural identity, self-confidence, student agency and holistic wellbeing. 

Our first session consisted of an Amazing Race that included a range of team-building activities and a general knowledge quiz. It was an opportunity for the students to meet and connect with participants in the programme. We were very fortunate to have a group of student leaders who helped to plan and facilitate the afternoon activities, making it so much fun and engaging.







In the next session, the focus was on promoting physical health so we got out on the Netball courts to get our heart rates up and to have some fun together. The students learnt some key skills then played games against each other to learn the rules and strategies of the game of Netball. We were really appreciative of the guidance of April Ieremia and from the more experienced players during this session.






During week 3, (which was unfortunately our last prior to lockdown), experienced Chef, Skuku Morimoto, guided us through the making of the traditional Japanese pancake; Okonomiyaki. It was so much fun and we learnt how to make such a delicious dish! 
















During lockdown, Equip’d continued. The leaders helped to come up with a range of ideas to promote connection and well-being for the students while they were at home in their bubbles. These included online quizzes, games, a physical activity challenge, a cooking challenge and an online yoga class. 

Now back at school, the participants are involved in a virtual field trip where they are collectively working towards a target and are walking, running or cycling from a range of landmarks in the Philippines. Next week, the “Equip’d in the Kitchen” challenge will begin and the students will be provided with an Equip’d Food Bag which will contain a range of ingredients for them to produce a healthy meal to share with their families at home.

We would like to acknowledge the support and continued commitment from Husmit Uka, Hannah Milne, Alvin Cheung and Dhruva Chakrabarty from Harbour Sport and the sponsorship from the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board for making this programme possible. We have also been very fortunate to have the help of some outstanding student leaders in this programme that helped to plan and facilitate the sessions both in school and during lockdown. Thank you on behalf of the participants for making this programme so much fun and engaging.