A little love note from WGHS

By Sophia Santayana
Rotary Interact Group, WGHS

‘Random Acts of Kindness’ was an initiative and focus of Westlake Girls High School’s very own Rotary Interact Group.

Among the various acts of kindness our Rotary group has organised this year — such as the newly installed sanitary dispensers in the Westlake toilets and our upcoming winter appeal drive – for the first 8 weeks of Term 2 we have been giving back to the community, showing love and kindness through our cards and letters.

Our Rotary Interact group has been busy each week with decorating cards and writing letters to give out to the community. We have been sending out these cards made-with-love to the children staying with Starship, the elderly under the care of Hospice, and the elderly in Rest homes.

Rotary Interact at WGHS wants to make a positive difference in our community, we thought, why not start with the simple things — things such as showing people that we care about them, that they are loved, giving them words of encouragement to help them throughout their day, giving people cards to make their day even just a bit better, giving people a reason to smile.

We want to make a positive difference in people’s everyday life — this is the reason we have been making cards for this past term. Our Rotary Interact group wanted to show people, from children to the elderly, that we do care. After all, everyone deserves to be loved.

Stay strong and keep smiling!
– Love, WGHS Rotary Interact Group

Pictured above: Year 12 students Michelle Shen hands over completed cards and letters to Delphine Pearson from Hospice North Shore.