A Champion Effort

Congratulations to the Westlake Girls Snowboarding Team, the 2022 Auckland Secondary Schools Snowboarding Champion.

Nervous about repeating last year’s inaugural win at the snowboarding event, the five student team of Harriet Gowing, Coco and Meadow Mauger, Jorgina Mackenzie and Naobi Nishida, dominated the Auckland Champs, winning 11 medals, including 6 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze medals and the overall title.

Year 12 Harriet Gowing started the medal haul by racing away with both the Senior Girls Race and Dual Race Championships before Year 10 Meadow Mauger won the Junior Girls Race title.

After dominating the action on the race course, the focus moved to the ‘Park’ and freestyling, where students performed on-air and ground tricks in the Slopestyle event. Jorgina, Meadow and Naobi combined strongly to win three more medals plus the overall Girls Slopestyle title.

Westlake Girls won the overall championship with 122 points, ahead of Rangitoto on 64 and Elim on 81 and the team agreed that their impressive effort was a direct result of the expert tuition they received from the Cardrona Parks Team last July at the Westlake Snowsports Camp in Wanaka.

Full list of medals:

Event: Race

◦ Gold – Overall Girls Race Champion
◦ Gold – Harriet Gowing – Senior Race Champion
◦ Bronze – Coco Mauger – Senior Race
◦ Gold – Meadow Mauger – Junior Race Champion
◦ Silver – Jorgina Mackenzie – Junior Race
◦ Gold – Harriet Gowing – Dual Race Champion

Event: Slopestyle 

◦ Gold – Overall Girls Slopestyle Champion
◦ Bronze- Naobi Nishida – Senior Slopestyle
◦ Silver – Jorgina Mackenzie – Junior Slopestyle
◦ Bronze – Meadow Mauger – Junior Slopestyle

◦ Gold – Overall Girls School Champion