WGHS Takes a Knee for George Floyd

By Grace Chen
Year 12

Whilst Aucklanders self-isolated at home during the second COVID-19 lockdown, Westlake Girls’ Amnesty International members were kept busy with online activities during our annual Freedom Challenge Week, led by our Amnesty leaders.

This year, we focused on the issue of racism, and activities were adapted so that students could do them from home, remotely and safely. Members participated in a philosophical discussion via Google Meet on racism, delving deep into the meaning behind the subtle racism occurring in our communities, reflecting on how this is damaging, and what we can do to “Give Nothing to Racism”.

Members also participated in a cultural diversity Kahoot throughout the week, competing to see who had the most knowledge on a wide variety of countries and their customs.

Finally, in order to show solidarity towards the families who have been scarred by police brutality and racism, and to show our support for the Black Lives Matter movement, members took a knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds – the amount of time George Floyd was pinned to the ground by a police officer.

In a time where things are uncertain, it is awesome that groups such as Amnesty are still able to come together to support causes for human rights and to support each other too.