Filipino Club News

ASB Showgrounds

On 8 June, the ASB Showgrounds came alive with the vibrant rhythms of Tinikling dancers Alleia Muit (9ODR) and Gianna Errazo (10WZH), accompanied by a captivating singing performance by Rosheen Crisostomo (9HML). The event, held in celebration of Philippine Independence Day, showcased the rich cultural heritage and lively traditions of the Philippines, enthralling the audience with its colourful and dynamic displays.

Cultural Day at WGHS

The Westlake Girls High School Cultural Day on 14 June was a vibrant celebration of Filipino culture. The event allowed students and community members to immerse themselves in the diverse and colourful traditions of the Philippines, featuring traditional dances, music, and cultural exhibits that highlighted the unique Filipino spirit and heritage.

Philippine Independence Day

The 126th Philippine Independence Day was celebrated with festivity at the New Lynn Community Centre on 15 June. The event highlighted Filipino heritage through cultural performances, traditional foods, and a spirited community gathering. Students had the opportunity to model Likha NZ Barong and Filipiniana dresses, adding elegance and authenticity to the celebration of Philippine independence and culture.