It’s always a turbulent time when our Y13s finish school – logistically but also emotionally. This week has been no exception. The whole school has been fizzing with activity, with multiple events happening and the departure of our school leavers.

The Y13 students are a mixture of emotions, from sadness about leaving, apprehension about exams, excitement about the future, and much more. The staff also has mixed emotions. We’ve known these young people for five years – it’s simultaneously sad and exciting to see them go.

We know how hard they have worked and have faith that all that mahi will put them in good stead as they take the final exams in their school careers.

This week, our Juniors have taken their Literacy and Numeracy Co-Requisites. I know that they will have approached these well-prepared and done a great job.

I want to take a moment to thank all the Y13 students and whānau who have completed our Leavers’ Questionnaire. Your feedback is so helpful; thank you. If you haven’t done it yet, please do so. It’s an excellent opportunity to have your say.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and Y13s, ka kite, you lovely kids. It’s been such a pleasure knowing you.


Jane Stanley