From the Principal

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers,

It’s a year ago this week that New Zealand went into its longest lockdown, as Covid started to spread throughout our community. It was the start of a long journey that has left an indelible mark on our nation. While we are still seeing the effects of isolation and illness, remembering this time last year helps to put things into perspective.

One change I’ve observed is that opportunities and experiences are appreciated to a whole new level by staff and students alike. After two years of disruption, the excitement in having our musicians perform at KKB, our choirs at The Big Sing, our dancers at ShowQuest and our athletes preparing for Winter Tournament, is energising. The fact that our students are winning awards almost everywhere they go, is testimony to the passion with which they are embracing these opportunities. Without lockdowns and gathering restrictions, students have the freedom to once again do the things they love.

I want to congratulate our Prefects for the wonderful Variety Show they organised last week. It was an impressive achievement to bring a night like that together from scratch, and I’m sure all the students and parents who attended were very appreciative. Well done to all of the performers who were brave enough to take a step out of their comfort zone – there was certainly a high level of talent on display.

Congratulations also to the Dance Department and students for the wonderful Dance Showcase last Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who attended despite the miserable weather. I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it!

As I mentioned, our athletes are preparing for Winter Tournament, which is coming up from 29 August. We’ve already had some fantastic successes in sports this year and I know expectations are high for this premier event. However, as always, participating and representing Westlake is an achievement students should be proud of no matter the outcome.

Last week you will have received your voting papers and candidate statements for our Board of Trustee Elections. You can also find the profiles of our 15 candidates on our website HERE. We have five places available and appreciate your vote – which really will make a difference. You have until 4pm on Wednesday 7 September to place your vote.

We have been notified by NZQA that there have been changes to NCEA and UE for 2022, as a result of Covid disruptions in Terms 1 and 2. If you’re not familiar with Learning Recognition Credits and how they affect your daughter’s NCEA results, we’ve outlined the details for you in this newsletter. You’ll find the information under “Important Things to Note”.

On the same page you will find a link to sign up for our Father Daughter Breakfast on Wednesday 28 August. We are excited to bring you this inaugural event – the first of many similar events we are planning now we have a fantastic venue.

I hope you enjoy reading through all of the great things that have been happening in our school over the past couple of weeks.