Westlake Girls Year 9-1 Win Top Collegiate Awards at Harbour Netball

The Westlake Girls Year 9-1 netball team finished an unbeaten season at Harbour Netball to win the Year 9 championship. The multi-talented team of young athletes defeated Carmel College in the final, 28 -16 to receive the top honour.

More recognition was accorded to the side at the Harbour Netball Prizegiving on Thursday, 14 September, when the Year 9 team won the Collegiate Cups for ‘Highest Goals Scored in Collegiate Grades’ and the ‘Lowest Goals Scored Against’ a team.  The Imani Rasmussen and Michelle Cantrell led team, scored 303 goals in the season, and became the best defensive team by limiting opposition goals to a ratio of 4:1.

Winning the double honour, which, calculated against all Premier and Senior teams at Harbour Netball, is an incredible achievement and one that a Westlake team has not achieved before. Coach April Ieremia and Manager Megan Cantrell are impressed with the maturity and determination of the young side to elevate their skillset and game sense each week.

“It sets an exciting platform for the future of the sport at school and on the North Shore.” Coach April Ieremia.

Westlake Girls won gold in 7 Harbour grades and ended the season with 16 podium finishes.

Congratulations to the following teams:

Grade 1 1ST WGHS 9/1
Grade 3 3rd WGHS 9/5
Grade 4 1ST WGHS 9/7
Grade 4 3rd WGHS 9/8
YEAR 10 – 13
Premier 3rd WGHS 1
Open A 1st WGHS 3
College 3 1ST WGHS 6
College 5 2ND WGHS 11
College 6 1ST WGHS 13
College 7 2ND WGHS 15
College 9 1ST WGHS 19
College 9 2ND WGHS 18
College 12 2ND WGHS 24
College 15 1ST WGHS 27
College 15 2ND WGHS 28
College 17 3rd WGHS 30