Inspirational Day for Y12 Pacific Island Students

On Tuesday, 27 June, five students of Pacific Island heritage attended the annual Year 12 Pacific Island Leaders of Tomorrow (P.I.L.O.T) conference at AUT’s Manukau campus.

P.I.L.O.T is a much-anticipated event, as Pacific Island students from all over Auckland gather to celebrate their heritage and be inspired by high-profile and successful Pacific Island leaders. This year’s year 12 event lived up to expectations.

Keynote speaker Dr Dion Enari gave an energising and inspiring presentation, starting with a Siva (Samoan dance). Dr Enari inspired students to have a purpose, set high goals for themselves, and serve their communities.

The following workshops were very engaging and allowed students to explore more of their Pacific heritage and gain a fresh perspective on education opportunities. Hearing from all the speakers who advised us on approaching education and life opportunities was inspiring.

Communication was a big focus during the workshops. Students learned about the “5 C’s” of communication, which result in a positive and productive mindset and discussion: clear, correct, complete, concise, and compassionate. We were impressed by the dedication of the Pacific team, who organised the event, made it fun for the students, and worked hard to make it an overall success. It was a great day and an excellent showcase of the Auckland University of Technology programme, campus, and the vital work going on to empower young Pacific people.