Westlake Wellness – Positive Words

We all need encouragement and positive affirmation especially when facing challenges, sending your child off with words of support lets them know you believe in them regardless of the outcome and can make a world of difference to their mindset entering an assessment.

Many students will be either at the start of their NCEA examinations or in the case of our junior students about to start their school examinations. The results they achieve could impact future choices such as entry into specific Universities and courses, some examinations will be a reflection of a students understanding and for some students examinations will highlight the areas of their learning where they need more support. Whatever the outcome,  it is also important to recognise that examinations are one part of a student’s life, for a limited period of time and that many of our students are exceptional in other areas.

Below are some great words/phrases we can all use regularly to encourage and support the students in all they do:

  • You make me smile
  • I am so proud of the person you are
  • I will be thinking of you today…
  • I like how you…..
  • You can always talk to me, even if its about something that makes you feel nervous or sad
  • I love seeing the world through your eyes
  • Have a awesome day
  • Anytime you need help, I am here for you
  • I respect what you are saying…
  • Look at how much you have achieved already….
  • I love your laugh
  • I think you can handle it but I will be there if you need me…
  • Sometimes I will say no, but I will explain to you why…
  • I will do my best to keep you safe
  • You got this