Westlake Wellness – Focusing on yourself

By Lizzie Beaumont
TIC Food Technology

This is not going to be an article about buying yourself a gift or treating yourself to chocolate but more about how you can live a rewarding life.

Regularly take time to reflect on what you actually like to do. Find out as much as you can about the things you enjoy, it could be school related, a sport or hobby. Could you take it to the next level? In sport you could aim for team captain, coach, referee or a manager. In your class subjects could you ask for extension tasks, enter for a scholarship or aim for top in the subject. You may have a hobby that, with further skills and experience, could become a possible career option.

Find ways to become more independent. As a student this is more challenging but could you do some part-time work to provide you with the resources to gain some independence? Having the ability to pay for the things you need and want, or to contribute financially if needed, is worthwhile. Can you navigate your way to activities, school and appointments by yourself?

During adolescence you will be establishing what your key values are, what matters to you and why. People and their opinions can make you doubt yourself and question your own beliefs or abilities. Think carefully about how much you value their opinion, if you don’t, it’s not worth worrying about.

Value your genuine friends, you deserve to have them but make sure you make time for them and treasure the part they play in your life. Look for ways you can let them know you are there for them and care for them.

Be a volunteer – doing things for others is really rewarding, when you are aware of other people’s situations it can help to put your own in perspective. This can be informal and small such as bringing in rubbish bins for a neighbour or more structured like collecting for Youthline at an event.

If you want to discuss any of these areas further, speak to your tutor teacher, Dean or a guidance team member.