Charlotte takes the cake!

One of the luckiest families in lockdown at the moment has to be that of Year 10 student Charlotte Lockie.

Guessing by the photos surrounding this story, you probably don’t need to ask why! Fifteen-year-old Charlotte has an exceptional talent for baking, and while she’s keen to keep her passion a hobby rather than a career, the enterprising young baker did start up a small cake-making business earlier this year.

Called Char Bakes, her business has been commissioned to make around 20 cakes in the past six months.

“I have always enjoyed baking and for Christmas I was given a book that was written by a local baker that has a sweet cafe, Magnolia Kitchen,” says Charlotte. “That was the inspiration for the start of my cake baking. I started making birthday cakes for family members then friends of the family and so on.  That’s how my little business started to grow.”

Charlotte says her speciality is Macarons. “But after a lot of practice and tears and I also make a mean chocolate ganache,” she says. Pictured left is her chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate macaroons.

“I explore cake decorating designs on social media and often combine aspects from multiple cakes along with my own personal touch. I like to be creative with each design so no cake is the same.”

Pictured at the top is Charlotte’s favourite cake: Strawberry and Pistachio with strawberry compote filling, Swiss meringue buttercream and strawberry macarons.

If you’d like to see more of Charlotte’s amazing designs, check out her Instagram @char._.bakes

Here are a few more images to make you hungry.









Silver-themed Baby Shower cake. Vanilla with berry filling, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and vanilla macaroons.









Above left: Banana cake with its gluten-free mini version. Right: Banana cake with chocolate ganache and dark chocolate and caramilk discs.









Above left: Vanilla cake with mixed berry filling, swiss meringue buttercream and macaroons – lilac-themed. Right: Lemon cake with lemon curd filling, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and macaroons.